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Spurgeon Woods LLC

Home of the Transana family of software


Spurgeon Woods LLC is a limited liability corporation based in Madison, Wisconsin.

Transana Basic is designed for researchers with video and audio data who need affordable but powerful software for in-depth analysis. Analyze individual media files and produce a variety of useful reports. Transcription and time-coding is fast and easy.  Clip creation lets you clip, code, categorize and connect related pieces of media. Take copious research notes and record analytic memos directly within Transana.

Transana Professional allows users to analyze video files, audio files, still images, and text data, including survey data. Import and synchronize up to four multiple simultaneous media files, to analyze them as a single, integrated data stream. Create up to five simultaneous transcripts of video data to capture, code and interpret the rich layers and subtle nuances. Produce text-based and graphical reports, take notes and develop analytic memos and research journals directly within Transana.

Transana Multiuser lets teams use the tools of Transana Pro to collaborate on a large research project, with multiple individuals able to transcribe, code and analyze simultaneously from any location on Earth with internet access. The latest analytic data is always synchronized and updated. Features an internal communications tool to chat with colleagues in real time, and post messages and discussions for the whole team.

The Transana Cloud Service is a subscription-based secure server that allows research teams to take advantage of the collaborative power of Transana Multiuser without the time-consuming technical challenges and expense of running their own data server.

The Transana Cloud Service is secure. Each project has its own database and controls the creation of its individual user accounts.  All connections to the Transana Cloud Service are fully encrypted.

The Transana Cloud Service is cost-effective. Even research teams affiliated with large universities are often charged a lot of money for hosted server space. We provide an affordable solution.

The Transana Cloud Service is easy. We take care of the setup of the server, which can be a daunting technical task. We configure the critical server utilities, perform ongoing system upgrades and maintenance. We make it easy for teams to share data so they can focus on research rather than technology.

TransanaSCRIBE provides the tools to transcribe audio and video quickly and efficiently with our stand-alone, all-in-one transcription tool.

◊  Control media files with keyboard controls or a programmable foot pedal.

◊  Import a wide variety of video or audio files. Our simple media conversion tool allows importation of files recorded in unusual formats. Import files individually or in batches.

◊  Import auto-generated transcripts from any source and zip through the media file to format, add speaker identifiers, and correct accented speech, proper nouns, foreign words and crosstalk to quickly bring it up to 100% accuracy.

◊  Use Autocomplete to define frequently used strings of text to insert over and over with fewer keystrokes.  Or use Transcription Shortcuts to assign text to function key combinations.

◊  Add 1 click time codes at 1/30th of a second accuracy.

◊  Export transcripts in several formats, including Word, plain text and Transana XML for research.